Steven C. Wyer | Google Updates “Best” Search Filter

Most savvy Internet users know that great reviews are imperative for any business that relies on the web for customers. But, according to Steven C. Wyer of Nashville-based digital branding firm Third Coast Interactive, Inc., ratings and reviews may have more of an impact than previously understood.

Q: What is the “quality element?”

Steven C. Wyer: The quality element of a business is its quality as determined by customer reviews and ratings.

Q: How does a business’ quality affect how it is ranked on the SERPS?

Steven C. Wyer: Google has recently changed its search results algorithm to offer different results based on specific queries related to searches directed at finding “the best” of a particular business.

Q: Are there certain keywords that trigger different results when searching for a specific type of business?

Steven C. Wyer: “Best,” “great,” “outstanding,” and a few other superlative terms seem to trigger results that are optimized for those types of searches. For instance, “Best Pizza Nashville” and “Pizza Nashville” each offer three highlighted results. However, adding the “best” stipulation changes the second result from a pizza chain receiving 2.9 stars to a 4.7 star independent pizza restaurant.

Q: Ratings always show on the highlighted results. How is this different?

Steven C. Wyer: The “best” requirement changes the search results to include only 4-star and higher businesses.

Q: How can I get my site to rank better using “best” keywords and phrases?

Steven C. Wyer: It is all about optimization and bringing in positive customer reviews.

Q: What are some ways to encourage my customers to leave positive feedback?

Steven C. Wyer: Ask them! You should also make it easy, such as with a simple one- or two-click text message or directly through a follow up email.

Q: Should I offer an incentive?

Steven C. Wyer: I would avoid providing any type of compensation for leaving a review. If your customers are a well taken care of, they will often do it for free. You want their enthusiasm to be genuine.

Q: I hate to bother my customers. Are reviews really that important?

Steven C. Wyer: Yes, they are. And there is no shame in asking. Be frank and let them know you are trying to build your business and that their input would really help accomplish that goal.

Q: Can I use social media to interact with my customers?

Steven C. Wyer: Of course. Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms offer an easy way to interact with patrons, post upcoming events and information, and collect feedback.

Q: Is the “best” filter more important for small businesses?

Steven C. Wyer: It seems to be, yes. And it also appears that the volume of reviews is as important as the reviews themselves. In other words, more reviews may leave a business with a better chance of popping up in the “best” results.


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