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Steven C Wyer has received an Emmy for television production and co-founded a nutritional company that has grown into a global business. He has also achieved success in several regulated industries including insurance, real estate, and securities.

Wyer Creative Communications, Inc. was founded by Steven C Wyer in the early 1990’s and quickly grew to 400 employees based out of two call centers. Wyer Creative was appointed to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce Hall Of Fame in 1999.

Most recently, Steven C Wyer has seen the growth of the Internet as a powerful force for good or for harm. “A decade ago, the average person was not interacting with electronic information on a daily basis. But now thanks to Google, nearly everyone knows what search engines can do.”

Steven C Wyer has consulted in consumer lending and collections, mortgage lending and institutional asset management. “Everything I have done over the last ten years has been driven by electronic information,” says Wyer. “The speed of business and the global reach of the Internet have transformed our endeavors. However, real damage is common today because of search engine information that is incorrect, malicious or out-dated.”

Now, as the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate LLC, Steven C Wyer spends his days searching for ways to help clients who have been harmed by negative publicity and mis-information on the Internet.” Steven C Wyer concludes, “Bad things happen to good people, but the key is to make sure it’s not held over your head forever”.

In his spare time, Steven C Wyer enjoys working out at the gym, reading a good book, or capturing his observations about life in one of his many blogs.

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